Friday, October 21, 2011

These are some great books that we would recommend on Adoption.

General Adoption

The Complete Book of International Adoption: A Step by Step Guide to Finding Your Child (Dawn


Adopting For Good (Jorie Kincaid)

Talking with Young Children about Adoption (Mary Watkins, PhD and Susan Fisher, PhD)

Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew (Sherrie Eldridge)

Toddler Adoption, The Weaver's Craft (Mary Hopkins-Best)

Are Those Kids Yours? American Families with Children Adopted from other Countries (Cherie Register)

No Biking in the House Without a Helmet (Melissa Fay Greene)

Special Issues in Adoption

The Connected Child: Bring hope and healing to your adoptive family (Karyn Purvis, David Cross

and Wendy Sunshine)

The Whole Life Adoption Book: Realistic Advice for Building a Healthy Adoptive Family (Janyne Schooler)

When Love is not Enough: A Guide to Parenting Children with RAD- Reactive Attachment Disorder

(Nancy Thomas)

Nurturing Adoptions: Creating Resilience after Neglect and Trauma (Deborah D. Gray)

Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today's Parents (Deborah D. Gray)

Older Child Adoption (Grace Robinson)

Ethiopia/Mixed Raced Adoption

There is No Me Without You (Melissa Fay Greene)

I'm Chocolate, You're Vanilla (Marguerite A. Wright)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Great Fundraising Idea.

Ergon Handicrafts has established a partnership with Koinonia India, a US based business who is exclusively purchasing the Ergon stationery line.  Koinonia India has a heart for all kinds of charitable work, and especially a heart for adoptive families.  Koinonia India is offering Ergon stationary products at a deeply discounted rate for families to re-sell to raise money for their adoptions.  Please contact us for more information! (text taken from Ergon website).

Monday, August 8, 2011

A story of God's love

The rest of the Story

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A little over a year ago we came home from Ethiopia with Eyob, a little 2 year old boy that has been a blessing to our family. God had really touched our lives during that process. We had decided we needed to do something more. We started an orphan ministry at our church, in hopes to “Adopt” an orphanage, and help in any way that we could. We also realized we had room for 2 more. We had thought the we would meet those “2 more” on one of our future mission trips with the new Orphan ministry. Then Peter and Andrea Kidd sent the following story and these girls captured out hearts.

We were a family with room for 2 more, and here were 2 girls looking for a family!

It couldn’t have been any clearer!

We were led to Selem, to her sister Abeba, to the stoop of their hut, please step in with us and learn their story.

Our first day at our sponsor community called Look Development was amazing. We spent the time handing out care packages from all the families back home who treasure these kids. We, of course could not wait to meet our sponsor children in person. As Isabelle’s firend walked through the door, her older sister was holding her hand. This was our introduction to Selem (10) and her sister Abeba (13). As we said hello and began giving Selam her candy and clothes and goodies, we learned what she needed was bigger than anything we could have put in that zip lock bag. They had just lost their only living parent to AIDS, and were living all alone! The 13 year old sister was taking care of them. The look of pain and fear and despair on their faces was indescribable. We knew we would be back in a week, and asked Look Development to help us help them. We left in tears that day hugging the girls and telling them we would see them in 7 days. They asked us to visit their house when we returned.

We learned later in the week that their house was in shambles and was not safe. They had no mattress, no blankets and no food. The window and door to their hut was broken, we agreed to pay for all these things and would deliver them when we returned. Prayers and prayers were lifted up for them and for our hearts to be prepared for what we would see. Nothing could have prepared us, and only Jesus, holding all our hands and holding me up could have gotten us through our next meeting.

At Look, we were shown all the supplies that had been purchaased for Selma and Abeba, but there was a problem, anything that had been given to them was stolen. We could not even bring them the basic things they needed, because what they needed was even more basic! PROTECTION.

We left to go see them and where they lived. We drove and drove, down long muddy rodes, until we were told we had to start walking. We walked down a thick path that led to their hut. They came running out and I saw smiles from both of them for the first time. You could see they could not believe we had come. Walking up to their house was sureal, part of my mind begged to not have to enter the door, to run away and to never look back. My flesh screamed….. my spirit walked me throug their door reassuring me that this was part of our purpose and God was with us.

We stepped into a dark square of a mud hut. All that we could see was an old wire bed frame, covered in clothing…….the clothing of their deceased father and mother. This is what they slept on. Did it bring them comfort? Could they still smell their parents when they selpt? On the wall, was a poster of Jesus, and there was a Mesobi (for eating and coking) in the corner. Also a very dirty yellow jug for water…..where did they even get water… far did they need to walk…..was it even clean? My mind was racing as the sweat began to drip down my forhead, and I watched a huge spider crawling inches from my face. I glanced at my 2 oldest, for a brief moment wandering if they were o.k……they were, but the looks on their faces I will never forget, as a work was being done right in front of my eyes.

Our representatives from Look were talking with Abeba and asking them how they were. I went weak as they described the nightly scene of drunk men coming to their house and banging on the window to get in. I pictured these 2 beautiful girls huddled together fearing that these men would break in and steal the only things they had, or even worse, steal from their innocent bodies. We told them we would pay for them to move into a new place closer to the Look Development office so they could be safe. They did not want to give up their house, it is the only memory and only thing left from their mother and father. They feared the gov’t. would take it away from them. We told them we would fix their window and door and gate, so they would be more protected……I could see Abeba’s face changing, she was mustering up courage, she was so sweet and so quiet, but her face told me something was coming……..I knew in my heart what is was, and I was paralyzed. She looked at us and asked to be adopted. They want a FAMILY and to bbe ptrotected and loved. Pete and I barely caught each others eyes, as we had no idea how to respond. Both of us wanted to grab them and run and bring them home and never look back. Pete only said it was a very difficult and long process, and we would do what we could to help them.

We stood outside their house and hugged and prayed over them. I held each of them tight until they cried. They needed a mother’s love and protection and the feel of safet, if only for a moment. I kissed them all over their faces and told them I loved them and we would see them again, and help them in the meantime. Isabelle and Johnny begged to give them all the food we had in the van, so we asked them to walk back with us. We walked down that path to the van, praying the whole way. I didn’t know until later that night after looking at the pictures that we were all holding hands. Isabelle and Johnny love these girls too, and their hearts were broken and changed that day too.

As we said goodbye and drove away, I prayed to God to show me waht to do. It was no accident that we were led here, that we were to see these girls and to learn their story. As I licked my lips I could taste Selam and Abeba. Anyone who has visited orphans knows that salty, dirty smell that the kids have. You look past it, because you care more about giving them love than the dirt or smell they carry. For the first time that taste was so sweet and I didn’t want it to go away.

My prayer, is that these girsl will be protected, that YOU will be touched by this story, moved to action of some sort, that SOMEONE may see their daughters in these two girls. Last night God told me to write this story and to share it, I pray that I was sent to these two for one of you.

Thank you for reading, looking into the dark and hard places that Jesus sees and begs us to walk with him. I thank you for passing this along to anyone and everyone, and for any step you take to help us help these girls.

I am uploading an album called” Selam and Abeba”, please look at their faces and pray for them, and pass this along.”

And now The rest of the story…

We quickly contacted the Kidds even before they left Ethiopia. We started the Paperwork went through the homestudy and waited. Our friend Amanda Desaro visited in December and took our photos and covered them with love. Bridget met the girls in May on our Church Vision Mission Trip, then Bridget, Hailey, and myself went in July for the court date.

And I am now happy to say we officially PASSED court and are awaiting the Embassy appointment to bring them home..

God is truly amazing and really blew us away on this one! Selam and Abeba are the most loving caring girls ever.

They will be coming home soon!